A Few of My Favorite Things series

A digital painting series by Jude Norris aka Tatakwan.

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A Few of My Favorite Things Series Description
This is a photo-based digital painting series featuring portraits of some of my favorite things. These subjects include such things as animals, buildings, people, plants and both functional and decorative objects.

I’m aware of things in life which I’m drawn to or have an affection for as being reflections of myself. With this in mind, in the past I’ve created self-portraits using ‘other’ objects or beings. The paintings in ‘A Few of My Favorite Things’ series are made with the same idea in mind.

The ‘subject’s for these paintings come from a variety of places, cultures and even eras. Often they are quite different or contrasted in terms of how they look, where they come from or their material or symbolic natures. This creates unexpected relationships and is a way for us to form or even invent connections between or make stories about things that might not otherwise get to be ‘related’.

And besides all that, these pieces are really just celebrations of things I love.

Visually I see them as a kind of contemporary extension of the ledger drawing style used by Indigenous artists from the plains during the turn of the century. The images don’t look like them stylistically, but the objects hang in empty space, placing an emphasis on their personality or story.


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