About Giclee Printing

Original Quality Art at a Fraction of the Price

If you’re someone who likes the idea of buying, owning or collecting art, but aren’t ready to invest in the price of an original, giclee is an exciting solution.

Giclee (pronounced “zhee-clay”) is a fairly new form of reproducing artwork.
Giclee uses professional level digital printing technology to make archival quality fine-art prints.

Older forms of reproductive printing used dyes, but giclee uses pigments. Pigments are also used in paint. They are proven to create much longer lasting colours than dyes. Giclee prints are predicted to last up to two hundred years or more. You don’t have to worry about your giclee artwork fading in your lifetime or even the next one.

The giclee process also uses a broader range of colours, and the colours are richer and more true to the original image. Giclee can reproduce digital, oil, acrylic, pastel, photography or any other kind of two dimensional image.

Despite the strong image quality, giclee printing can still be done in a high volume. This keeps the cost of a print inexpensive. Giclee prints can be done on paper or canvas. On stretched canvas, a giclee print can looks just like an acrylic or oil painting.

With quality giclees, the prints are often difficult or nearly impossible to tell from original. This means you can own fantastic, original looking artwork, but at a much lower price than an original.

Each Tatakwan giclee artwork is available in a variety of sizes and prices.
All Tatakwan giclee printed digital paintings have a condition and quality guarantee.

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