Mickalene Thomas at the Brooklyn Museum

I recently returned to Mickalene Thomas exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum for the second time. Mickalene is an African American artist from Brooklyn, who studied at Pratt Institute. This is the artist’s first solo show, and it is both visually stunning and socially and culturally clever. One trip just wasn’t enough, and the show was just as captivating the second time around. Continue reading

The Woman’s Part

Somewhere in my travels, I gathered some a beautiful writing from an Anishnawbe elder, Art Solomon, about the role of women in many Native cultures – and the world. It is a two page photocopy, and I honestly can’t remember where I got it. It may have been a hand … Continue reading

in came the Brooklyn Strength Code Buffalo

A few days ago I woke up with this buffalo artwork in my mind. I tend to get those kind of clear visions for pieces in the morning first thing after waking up, and late at night, once I’m in bed. Sometimes at night there’ll be a whole ‘rush’ or series of ideas come in at once. This can last for awhile and keep me up until all hours, but I don’t think I’d better complain about it lol. Continue reading

a blog at last

I’m finally doing a blog! I feel a kind of chomping at the bit with some butterflies in my stomach.
I have a few specific intentions. One is to share about artwork that I’m working on or have recently completed. Its exciting to have a place to share not only the work itself, but the inspiration and processes that go into creating them – and to get feedback.
My overall intention is for this to be an adventure, one that involves sharing, exploration and support. I want to stay as real and vulnerable as possible, from a place of wonder and love for my work, all the deliciousness of the world (both easy and hard), and all my relations. Continue reading