You are now in the ether-territory of Tatakwan (Jude Norris) Plains Cree/Metis Nation,
Multi-Media First Nations Artist.

Whether you’re a contemporary First Nations art lover, explorer, collector,
or a newcomer in your relationship to the Indigenous and/or arts, welcome.

This website features a selection of my 2D artworks, including both paintings & prints.
Some of the paintings here are hand-painted originals on canvas, and some are digital paintings.
You’ll also find a series of my hand-made linocut prints.

Highly Contemporary Images and Objects Infused with Ancient Native American Paradigm.

My work is founded on traditional Indigenous understanding & perspective.
At the same time I explore and incorporate post-modern life, culture, issues and art practices,
and my work is very contemporary. I combine these elements and explorations in a variety of mediums,
and strive to create work that is highly original, dynamic, and uplifting.

I see my artwork as cultural and personal, yet Universal. Whatever your walk of life, your culture,
your spiritual practice, or your relationship to art, there is a potential point of connection
within my art.

Art as Good Medicine

I work in a variety of media or materials. But I understand my one constant and most fundamental
medium to be energy. Really taking in a work of art can change how we feel, sometimes dramatically,
sometimes subtly. This also means art has the potential to create changes or shifts within us, and even
to heal. It can be what Native people call ‘medicine’, which is basically something with the power
to change energy, and therefore, states of being.

I’ve always created with the intuitive intention to make works that become more than the sum of their parts,
and whose presence can create a deep impact, intellectually, physically and energetically. I understand my art
practice to be at heart a spiritual one. My artworks speak in and of the multi-layered tongues of mind, body and spirit, of the four directions of life and human experience.

My art at its best expresses visions and teachings of the Great Mystery, my ancestors and my highest self,
channeled through me. Ultimately they reach beyond consciousness and physicality, and communicate from and to the deepest places within us with their own ‘Good Medicine’.

Inherently Green Art

Its often said that Indigenous peoples are the original environmentalists, and this is true.
Love and respect for the land and ‘All Our Relations’ is built right into First Nations cultures
and always has been. Since time immemorial, Amerindian cultures have epitomized ‘eco-friendliness’.

I create my work from this understanding. It’s founded in Native American Culture & vision,
and our love and respect for our environement. Through my art I’m exploring, expressing and celebrating
the connection to and between everything around us – the earth, animals, plants, each other,
our ancestors, as well as culture and technology. This is an ancient perspective, yet I express it
in a very contemporary way, often using ‘new’, Western mediums.


paint horse & kettle contemporary Indigenous paintingA Few of My Favorite Things Series


Ancient Indigenous Tradition in Contemporary Art = Truly Cutting Edge

Accomplished contemporary Indigenous Art contains layers of richness. It includes beautiful combinations,
qualities and perspectives that add up to something truly unique in the world of art.

It’s important to me that my art is visual compelling. But also that it contain layers of meaning,
and timeless and Universally relevant cultural teachings. Ideally, its simultaneoulsy traditional,
avant-garde, and holistic.

You can find out more about me, my arts practice and what I get up to on the about Tatakwan,
Tatakwan CV and my blog.

Lets Stay Connected

My obvious desire is that through experiencing my art you’ll take something of value away with you.
At the very least, you may find something of interest or beauty, experience a moment of pleasure,
or learn something new about First Nations art and culture.

If my work resonates with you and you’d like to stay connected, please make sure you leave your
contact info in the box on the top right of the page so I can share my new creative endeavors.

If you’d like to spend more time with my artwork in the physical zone,
and you’re interested in aquiring a piece, most of the artworks you’ll see here
are available for purchase onsite.

Artwork at a Variety of Price Points for the Experienced or the Aspiring Collector

If you want to purchase one of my pieces, both my acrylic and digital paintings are available as
archival quality giclee printed digital paintings, in a variety of print options, edition sizes, and price points.
They come on paper and canvas and the smaller sizes are very affordable.

The small yet rich and colorful hand-printed linocuts are also ideal for the modest budget.
These are available both in their original lino-print form, and as larger giclee prints.

If you’re looking for something more imposing, a larger digital painting on canvas or paper may be
a good option for you. All Tatakwan giclee printed paintings are archival quality and most are
available in a selection of edition sizes and pricesmake.
They can make a great yet economical addition to or foundation for a collection.

If you’re ready to invest in a highly collectible piece, most of my digital paintings are released in
larger sizes in much smaller special editions.

More Tatakwan Artwork and Websites for You to Explore

In addition to the work available here, I create sculpture, video and installation work. These include three dimensional and real-time pieces in a variety of sizes and mediums. I make both free-standing and wall-mounted sculpture. Some of these are also available for sale.
To see my sculpture and installation go to www.JudeNorris.com

In addition to the 2D work on this site, I also create distinctive beadwork artworks.
These are very unique items, with both highly traditional and post-modern elements.
They can be either worn or wall-mounted and displayed.
You can also find my beadwork items on www.JudeNorris.com.

I also have a secret jewelry-making habit, and have some of it available on on Urban Regalia. There’s a wonderful line of powwow influenced accessories, including hand-painted earrings and unique hair-pieces. This site also features my hand-made traditional plains-style dolls and hand-printed keepsake boxes.

'Skin' beadwork choker - by contemporary Native Canadian artist Jude Norris

And finally, check out the Tatakwan Art channel on Youtube, with inspirational videos, video shorts and mini documentaries about my artwork. If you enjoy what you see there, please make sure to leave a comment and subscribe to the channel.


Don’t forget, art makes a great gift.
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All My Relations,
Nitataminan (I am Grateful).

Kehiyow Tatakwan Awasis


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