Tatakwan exhibition, review & listing links:

Exhibition/Gallery sites:

Fiction/Non-Fiction @ The Esker Foundation

Relevant: Reflection, Reformation, Revival – Rethinking Native Art – NYC

Body Tracks @ Gallery 101 – Ottawa

HQ Gallery website:

NY ArtBeat listing:

grunt gallery/brunt mag:

Alternator Gallery – “Diary of a Nomad”: (archives/exhibitions)

Harcourt House – “Between the Lines: Digitized Dialects and Encoded Traditions”

Grace Exhibition Space – “Indigenous Metropolis/Immigrant Wilderness”:

Grace Exhibition Space  – “Original”:

Aspace “Re/translation: Land & Language”

Trinity Square Video – ‘Between the Lines’ (includes audio of artist talk):
choose  programming – past exhibitions – Between the Lines

Trane Studio – “Scars of Gold & Other Colours”:

Its About Time Artists Clocks Auction:

Online Bios:

Amerinda bio:

Smithsonian Native Networks bio:

University of British Columbia – Visiting Artists:

Artist Talk Videos:

Harcourt House Gallery artist talk video:

Alternator Gallery – Diary of a Nomad artist talk video:


A Horse Called Memory:

Red Buffalo Skydive (screened at Sundance Fest 1999):

Reviews, Press Releases, Blog Talk:

Hyperallergic – Everything Old Is New Again: Native Americans and the New York School

Vancouver Magazine – Eight Treasures from the Museum of Anthropology

Checkout Art (blog)

Stephanie Vegh (blog) review of Hamilton Artists Inc exhibtition

NAICA review of hq gratitude code root mural:

Unruly Blog – Braver Antler

Things of Desire artblog Diary if a Nomad review:

Muskrat Magazine – Ayaandagon: outdoor art installations in an anishinaabe garden (

Preview Gallery Guide – ‘Roots, Scars, Nests & Tines; New Positions, Timeless Paradigms’:

The Tyee – Paths to Fame for Young Native Artists
– Colleen Kimmett with interview with Karen Duffek

C Magazine – Sandee Moore review of Affirm/Nation at Urban Shaman Gallery of Contemporary Aboriginal Art, Winnipeg or or

Exhibition/Festival catalogues:

imagineNATIVE 2003 – pg 12

imagineNATIVE 2003 – the Most Beautiful Things – pg 13

Film & Video festival catalogues:

Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival – Melbourne, Australia

Native Spirit Festival 2007 – London UK and

The Art Institute of Chicago – Conversations at the Edge – The Sharpest Point (animation anthology featuring Red Buffalo Skydive)

Film & Video festivals:

SNMAI Native American Film & Video Festival – A Horse Called Memory

Art Gallery of Calgary – RED EYE: First Nations Short Film and Video

Library of the County of Lambton – Red Buffalo Skydive–Call-for-Entry/Default.aspx

Interesting articles about Native Art:

What Counts as “Indian Art?”
(in the discussion forum, someone called Coco lists me aas one of her fave Aboriginal Artists – Huy Huy Coco – whoever you are!)

Contemporary Native Art: A Bibliography – by Lawrence Abbott



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